It takes a village… a very small, Instagrammable village.

– Guest post by Molly @Rawberry

Serving delicious, high quality coffee is very important to us at Rawberry, and it may not take a village but it definitely takes a team.

We’ve recently changed our coffee to River Coffee Roasters. We chose River because of their mission to source and roast unique specialty coffees from people and communities in coffee producing countries. Through direct relationships, they ensure that the quality premiums they pay go directly back into the hands of the people that put all the hard work into the coffee production. Our new ‘Source blend’ is designed to bring the freshest harvests from unique coffee regions and thanks to Will Harrigan, the man behind River, we know exactly where our coffee is coming from (a female producer named Filena Zeledon, from a farm called Finca La Mia)

Now that we’ve got the great tasting coffee blend its over to Our barista Max (@cremmadelacreme)
Max is passionate about serving great coffee

“the flavour range is something that amazes me, trying to get the perfect cup is an ongoing search and when its perfect, i.e right humidity, temperature, tamp pressure, grind size all the variables add up to something great and i enjoy searching for that, because it’s so worth it when its right.”

After the perfect cup of coffee is poured its over to me, Molly, to snap it for Instagram (my job has already been made easier by how good the coffee looks). The main things I look for when taking the photos are:
1) natural light
2) a background that isn’t too distracting, i often opt for a light/white background so that the coffee can be the focal point.
3) a good to have a variety of coffee pictures, from “heres one i did earlier that i’ve put on a table” to snapping Max while he pours.

Rawberry Instagram Feed

When it comes to editing the pictures, less is more. If your photos are taken with lots of natural light they probably wont need to be edited that much. I normally up the highlights and the clarity by a small amount. It’s good to sharpen photos of coffee as well, to get the clarity of the contrast.

Social media, especially Instagram, has been a crucial way of us sharing our product and our teams talent.

It allows us to engage with our customers and develop our own aesthetic Person Tipping Hand on Apple

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