7 Reasons to get excited about Winchester’s first ever Coffee Festival

– Guest Post from local food blogger @franini_daze of FoodTeaLife.com

It’s not long until Winchester Coffee Festival opens its doors and I am pretty excited about this day-long celebration of the local café culture scene.
Here are just a few reasons why…

Why is it the older you get the more you enjoy learning about new things? I guess my thirst for
knowledge (like my thirst for coffee!) is growing. So, I’m looking forward to understanding a bit
more about how to make the perfect cup of coffee and just what goes into this. I feel like I’m
pretty clued up on making an awesome cup of tea – but when it comes to coffee I’d love to know

Oat milk:
Alternative milk heroes Oatly are sponsoring this year’s festival and I couldn’t be happier about
this. I’ve been trying to cut down on dairy – but it’s more that, I actually LOVE oat milk. Oatly
Barista is brilliant in coffee and I can’t wait to taste a range of coffees made with it at the
festival. Rumour has it there may even be some coffee cocktails made with Oatly too!

The food:
Coffee just goes with cake, pastries and baked goods generally doesn’t it? So, I’ll be ditching the
diet for the day and indulging in some delicious goodies from the festival’s foodie exhibitors. I
can hardly wait!

The teas:
The festival is not just about coffee, it celebrates our region’s café culture generally and that
means there will be a few teas to try as well. I’m looking forward to visiting the Birchall Tea
stand and seeing what blends they have on offer. I’m a tea lover at heart, so I’m very glad to see
that tea will play a part in the proceedings.

Coffee cocktails:
This combines two of my favourite things, drinking coffee and sipping cocktails – so the evening
session is a winner for me. Local cocktail experts the Cabinet Rooms are behind the cocktail
portion of the event so I know I’m in for a treat.

insta coffee heros

Friendly faces:
I’m looking forward to meeting some of the faces behind our city’s best independent businesses.
The festival is a chance to chat to some of the staff and owners of local cafes, coffee roasteries,
shops, bars and other fab indie businesses. I think it’ll be a great experience getting to know
some of these small business superstars and hearing their stories.

I do love a good shopping opportunity and I may even kickstart my Christmas shopping at the
festival. I hear there will be opportunities to buy coffee and all the equipment and accessories
needed to make a great cup at home – so I’m looking forward to doing some serious browsing.

What are you looking forward to most about the festival? Whether it’s the cocktails, the food or the
caffeine hit, I’m sure it’s going to be a great day out!

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